How Can Pakistanis Earn Money Through YouTube Shorts In 2023

How Can Pakistanis Earn Money Through YouTube Shorts In 2023

Due to modifications to its policies, YouTube has made it simpler for Pakistanis to make money with YouTube Shorts as of February 2023. In this post we discussed about how to earn money through youtube shorts.

With the help of the relatively new YouTube Shorts tool, content producers may now upload and share little videos similar to those found on TikTok.

How Pakistanis can earn money through YouTube Shorts in 2023

Short videos will run advertisements paid for by content creators. Additionally, content creators receive about 45% of the revenue when adverts appear on Shorts. A content producer might make up to $900 if a YouTube Short video receives 10 million views. A creator’s earnings from the clips can differ.

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However, YouTube has made it plain that you cannot make money off videos that have previously been uploaded to another website, and you cannot make money off modifying movie or song clips for Shorts. Under-18-year-old content producers must additionally obtain their parents’ permission.

How to earn money through youtube shorts

Now that you know how to monetize your YouTube channel, the next question is where to start. You can reach 10 million views on all your YouTube shorts within 90 days or 4,000 hours of video (excluding shorts) within a year. In either case, your YouTube channel must have a minimum of 1,000 subscribers to be eligible for revenue.

This modification is a part of a larger overhaul to YouTube’s Partner Program that necessitates new, creative terms that partners must agree to whether or not they want to monetize their Shorts. Additionally, a modular approach for the Partner Program’s terms is being introduced on the website. Everyone participating in the program might be required to sign a basic agreement that details what materials can be shared online. how to earn money through youtube shorts.

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